Pain Control with Hypnosis

We were all born with the ability to control pain.


Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is pain that persists six months or longer, even after the threat is gone or the injury healed. It's like a warning bell that never stops ringing.


Acute Pain

Acute Pain is a sensation we experience for a little while, usually less than six months, that warns us either to do something or to stop doing something. Ignoring the warning aggravates the pain.


Emotional Pain

Most of the time Pain caused by Emotional distress, feelings and situations is more deeply felt and longer lasting than pain caused by physical injuries or sickness.


Mystery Pain

Phantom Pain and other Pain that cannot be explained, Pain that exists without any medical or emotional reason, falls into this category. The Pain is just as real as any other Pain.


  • Why does a mom's kiss help relieve the pain for a little one?
  • Sometimes we can get a small injury, for example getting a paper-cut and we only experience the pain once we've noticed the paper-cut. Why is this?
  • Why does it feel like the pain is almost disappearing right after making an appointment with the doctor? 
  • Why, especially when we were little, do we expect to experience more pain when blood is involved?

Hypnosis is the answer

  • Since we were little we had the ability to hypnotise (program) ourselves. Our programs were influenced by our parents and other authority figures. If mom said: "Come here and I'll kiss it better." We believed it and it really worked.
  • When we injure ourselves and there is really no danger, for example in the case of a paper-cut. Pain really isn't necessary since the threat is already gone. But once we see the cut we believe (thanks to our programming) that it surely must burn/hurt and then it does. 
  • Pain is a signal causing us to react. Once we've made the doctor's appointment the mind can reduce the pain because we've already taken the appropriate action.
  • The amount of pain we experience is directly proportional to what we are programmed (hypnotised) to expect.

The good news is that you can learn to de-hypnotise yourself and install new programs.

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The Hypnotist

Jaco Pieterse

 Jaco Pieterse 

My name is Jaco Pieterse. I'm a qualified hypnotist, with the South African Institute of Hypnotism. I specialise in Pain Control Hypnosis and I'm also Certified in Dr. Melissa Roth's Fibromyalgia Pain Management Hypnosis Course. I look forward in helping you to take control!

*Please note that just as pain is a subjective experience so is hypnosis and results may differ from person to person.